Sunday, October 17, 2010

Southern Road Trip: Charleston, South Carolina Part 2

After the short lived, and uncomfortable rest, that made us devoted to hotels for a majority of the trip, we drove around and visited a few thrift stores we had spotted in the area! Perhaps we didn't go far enough out of the city as I only found a few things to take with me and it was all quite expensive!

We drove out to the harbour resort, acquired from a deal that gave us a discounted stay and a $50 Visa gift card for an hour of our time being shown around a hotel in the city. I was excited to go for a swim and relax before it got dark. It really was the most lovely hotel. It had a big pool, a spa, a man made beach, a long wharf that we later took a stroll down and the most beautiful view of the city from the balcony. I had never been to a resort before, so it really was such a treat!

The next morning, after what was probably the best sleep of my life, Caleb and I headed to the "one hour tour around a hotel". Oh my goodness! That hour was not an hour at all. When he said an hour, he must have meant close to 3 and when he said 'talk about a hotel' he meant a very intense timeshare presentation. After wanting to tear my ears out and having to pretend like I'm interested, we said our final NO and pretty much ran to the car to escape. Dear me it was the most awkward, but horribly funny situation to be in!

We weren't sure how much of a budget to stick with, so after that ordeal we chose only one paid attraction to go to and we narrowed it down to Cypress Gardens. It was about an hour out of the city. Cypress Gardens is famous for it's extensive and insanely beautiful gardens and also for being the backdrop in the famous swans in the lake scene from The Notebook. This was without a doubt one of the highlights of my trip!

90's Romper: Thrifted-Rangiora, New Zealand
Shoes: Thrifted-Hendersonville, NC
Bag: Thrifted- Rangiora New Zealand
We had a look around the butterfly house, which was so darling! Then headed out to the swamp, where there were free rowboats. We went for the prettiest boat ride invented. Along the swamp there were arrows to follow. You had to duck under tiny bridges, in which people had scrawled little names and love notes. About halfway through the trip it began to pour with rain, just like in the movie. I got way too excited and soon after pulled the boat in just in time for a quick peek into the aquarium before the gardens closed. It was only a few hours to the next city we were visiting, but I will be talking about that tomorrow!


  1. my darling, you look so pretty, your blog is so very beautiful.

  2. oh everything about your blog is lovely!
    the pictures make me smile!

    happy blogging you!

  3. It's so great to see wonderful New Zealand style plus southern tourist blog posts! So happy you have a blog, I can tell it will be a favorite. :)

  4. Thank you! Your blog is a lot prettier than mine! :) Follow me, I'll follow you! <3

  5. That's a beautiful romper, its perfect against the backdrop!

    I just found your blog today, its very pretty!


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  6. Wow i love the layout of this blog and enjoyed reading your post, i cant believe you went to the lake where they filmed the notebook! i would love to go there <3
    xx Winnie

  7. Oh my, this is absolutely beautiful. I love the droopy trees along the riverside. Being an American myself, I have never been to the south but have always wanted to experience it!


  8. How beautiful are these pics! I'd love to visit America someday...

    Sally, Louder Than Silence x

  9. Love the romper and such a beautiful setting. Sounds like a great trip.

  10. ooh, i'd love to go to a swamp! your romper is so lovely (: (and I really, really love your header)

  11. these photos are so so beautiful and your playsuit is gorgeous too :) x

  12. lovely photos, just discovered your blog and i love it

  13. You must have had an adventure. :) x

  14. this is my hometown, you made me homesick! such beautiful photos

  15. I am so happy you are blogging again, I loved The Little Foxes.

    On another note love these pictures and your outfit. I would love the row about in a boat and muse about the world x