Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Road To Nowhere

This year I embarked on a roller coaster three month long trip. The first two months were spent as a drama teacher at a wealthy North Carolina summer camp. When that was over (thank goodness), I embarked on the best trip of my life.
The plan originally was that I would find a person at camp to travel with, but literally two weeks after the camp had begun, I squashed that idea and instead begged my boyfriend to come over for the month after and be my travel buddy. Best decision I have ever made!

We met, after camp, in Virginia and embarked on an 18 day summer road trip. Crossing 12 states and driving around 8,000 km (5,000 miles). Me, being the silly thrift obsessed girl I am dragged my boyfriend to approximately 100 thrift / antique stores throughout these states and he, in turn, dragged me through about 200 drive throughs. It was such a magical trip. The south is just the most beautiful, mysterious and wonderful experience. I went to so many places I have only ever dreamt of going. I saw things that will remain cherished memories forever.

I plan on sharing parts of this trip with you in my future posts. Before I get too excited, about all I have to share, I thought it may be fitting of me to first show you all the pictures of what we hauled back to New Zealand with us. It doesn't look like much in the pictures, but there really is a lot and golly gosh those bags were heavy!

I somehow, was lucky enough to stumble on not just one, but three vintage coach bags, three pairs of vintage roper style boots and about 60 perfect dresses! American thrifting is really like falling into a big pile of treasure and trying to stuff as much into your pockets as you can!
I shall post more tomorrow, sorry for the terrible pictures of the clothes! We used a different camera on the trip so the pictures in future posts are much better!


  1. I am so impressed you could fit that all in luggage! I have this image of you wearing a hundred layers of clothes on the plane and a hat made out of shoes!

  2. i am INSANELY jealous of all of those shoes!!

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)


  3. WOW. That is an awesome haul. Note to self: when I holiday in America, take little clothing and check out all thrift stores. How did you fit it all in your luggage you crazy woman?

    Your trip looks amazing. So inspired right now.

  4. How did you get all that home on the plane??? Respect!

    It's a dream of mine to go thrifting in the US. I live in the UK and there's not much going on there. In fact I found a lovel little shop where I am right now in Iceland, but I can't buy anything because my bags will be too heavy!

  5. I've wanted to do a Southern road trip for a while, but always figured the cost of renting a car and paying milage would be prohibitive. Would you mind telling me how much you paid for the rental with all the milage? I love your blog-found it through liebemarlene and will definitely be visiting it more!