Thursday, October 28, 2010

Southern Road Trip: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana

 We were pushed for time after staying longer than we expected in Georgia. Poor Caleb had to drive us from Atlanta to Louisiana overnight. I was a horrible person and kept falling asleep. Luckily Dave Ramsey was on all night over the radio, so Caleb had a little company. I woke up at different times during my sleep to the most lovely scenery. I wish we could have had more time in each of these states, but it was Texas the next morning or bust!
I honestly don't remember much of Mississippi, but Alabama had us debating on whether it was worth it or not, at 3am in the morning, to go pay a visit to 'Montogomary Flea Market'. We thought it may be somewhat just like a mini mall! However, it was too dark for nice pictures, plus we would have to go right out of the way, maybe next time!
Anberlin Singlet- Warped Tour '08
Velvet Shorts- Thrifted, Christchurch, New Zealand
Shoes-Thrifted, Asheville, NC

Louisiana was beautiful! I would have loved it even more than I did if the heat and humidity had been not as ruthless, but still such a pretty place. I only got one photo of me the whole time, because I was silly and was convinced I looked (and felt) gross. We took the back route, instead of the interstate, to see all the little rundown towns of our horror movie dreams. We first arrived in a lovely little town, that I of course can't remember the name of.

We waited there for a side of the road junk store to open before digging through the loveliest treasures, amongst an insane amount of 80's arcade machines. We left with a belt buckle for Caleb and nothing for me. I had to start watching my spending at least a little! Later we drove to a town called Breaux Bridge, LA, after roadside promises of 1000's of Antique dealers lead us there. We didn't really find anything like that. We did find a cute little town with lovely old buildings and creaky floors (I actually thought we would fall through at one place) and a junk store with 80's wrestling figurines.

The nicest lady at Minx, in Athens, GA had talked about how great the vintage was in Louisiana, especially Eunice, that was out next stop. We didn't find terribly much apart from a few thrift stores, until the last one, where I found my dream boots, my first pair of roper fringe toe boots that just so happened to be in my size and were $1! It was definitely worth the trip to nowhere for me! On the way out we took some pictures of the sad but beautiful run down parts of Eunice, that I thought existed only in the movies!


  1. Louisiana is one of my fav states - so beautiful! Enjoy your stay there :)

  2. yessir! simpsons quote indeed :)

  3. waw, the place is so classy, where is it?
    by the way, i love your blog layout :)
    this is the first time i went to your blog, very interesting :)

  4. I've never been to Louisiana so I love all these photos! It really does look like a gorgeous place. My friend grew up in Louisiana and said that the thrifting's good in those parts . . . maybe it just depends on the town, because I've heard good things about Alabama and haven't had the greatest luck.

    Oh, and I don't know how bad NZ thrift stores can be if you find velvet shorts in them--amazing!

  5. The building with the little white balcony is gorgeous, I can almost picture elegant 19th century ladies in crinolines sitting on that balcony sipping mint tulips!

  6. I really love thsoe velvet shorts! What a great find

    -Shoeless Simone

  7. I am so jealous of your road trip! this all looks so incredible.
    thanks for blogging while on the road - im sure its difficult to do, but its really appreciated.

  8. I adore your satchel bag! BTW I'm amazed with your ability to blog while touring another country. Snaps!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea