Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cape Coat Kwassa Kwassa

 Cape Coat: Vintage, Thrifted
Bag:  Vintage, Thrifted
Tights: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage, Thrifted

I'm alive! I swear. I'm so sorry for my huge absence. My boyfriend Caleb usually takes all my photos for me on the blog and he has started a very demanding 7-6pm job. I have been run off my feet scouring shops for vintage for my store and keeping all up to date with that, leaving no time for the blog. I have decided to make sure that I update more though. I'm sure I will be able to find time, maybe less mindless TV watching in the evenings, so I can make this all a bit more interesting for you all!
Like I said I have been super busy with Trade Me, so a friend of a friends wedding on Friday was the perfect way to unwind..especially after a few too many free wines. I don't have any pictures (I always forget my camera), but if any surface I will be sure to share, it was amazing! 
These pictures are from last night. We were supposed to go to a big Classical event in the park, but I wussed out by being worried that it was going to start raining half way through and it would turn into a big mud pool. Instead we grabbed dinner in Christchurch city and had a wander around the town square. 
I don't know if everyone is aware, but there was a huge earthquake in Christchurch while I was in America. A lot of the beautiful historical buildings are getting torn down, but thankfully our symbol the Cathedral was strengthened before it happened. I wish we could have gone inside, it is such a beautiful place. You can climb right to the top and lookout. I haven't done it since a primary school trip, but I must try again!
I have been absolutely thrashing the life out of these loafers I found them for $2 and they are by far my favourite shoes. I have this terrible habit of walking completely strange and wearing down the sides of the heels in about 5 wears. I have already almost ruined the boots I am wearing in my last post. I think I need to go get orthopedic insoles or stop walking like a T-Rex .... The cape coat was from one of my favourite thrift stores. I had been searching for one ever since Rhiannon's post in New York (where I found out they existed!). I think I may now be nursing a sudden and unlikely obsession with tweed coats.

Oh before I forget, I made a Facebook page for my auctions I would love for you to join it here, even if you don't live in New Zealand!