Monday, November 1, 2010

Southern Road Trip: Memphis, Tennessee

We stayed in Little Rock, Arkansas for a day and half. For some reason we got zero photos from there. I think we were to busy shooting video to notice! It was wonderful and we thrifted my favourite dress of the trip. I deperately want to go back there again so I can experience it properly. From there we drove to Memphis, TN.

This had to be one of my favourite stops through the whole trip. Back when I was 11 or 12 years old I had a paper route and a discman (they were the greatest). I remember turning on my T.V one day and one of this mans movies was showing and I instantly fell in love with him and his bevy of perfectly dressed ladies. I wanted to be just like them. I played this one mixed CD of Elvis songs on my discman non stop for a year at least and I credit him not only for creating my love of the 1950's, but for the beginnings of my love vintage clothing. I am of course referring to Elvis Presley (as if you didn't all guess when you saw the title)

I had never dreamed I would ever get the chance to step inside Graceland, I know it is seen as cheesy to some people, but it was just was incredible! I didn't expect Graceland to be in such a run down part of town, or so close to the street. It doesn't take away from it too much thankfully! It is a magnificent building, with its columns and winding driveway. The brick fence in front of the property is tagged with messages and names of people that have visited and right across the road are buildings filled with memorabilia.

We chose one of the cheaper options, with an audio tour on a little headset that you can control. It was a bit crowded as we stepped in so we took our time and dropped behind the group so I wasn't right up against a wall. It was like I had stepped back in time. Everything was decorated in a magnificent 1970's way with shag pile rugs and different tones of brown. Each room was perfectly left the way it was when he last lived there. Covered in retro art, furniture and random odds and ends that exist in my dreams.

I loved the TV room, boasting 3 full colour T.Vs and a lightening bolt on the wall. Apparently Elvis had wanted to be just like the president and have three going at the same time! The 'jungle room' as it was nicknamed is equally incredible. The fur and carved wooden furniture was a short lived 70's fad that Elvis had taken favour too and tropical plants were covering the room.

I don't usually like cars, but I'm so glad we didn't miss his car museum! The famous pink Cadillac was there and all of his purchases were my dream  cars, It would help if I could drive though, Just a little. We also saw all oh his famous costumes, like the extravagant jumpsuits and the more refined 50s and 60s suits, which is my favourite era of Elvis.

As we finished the tour of the house you end with visiting Elvis's grave site. It's an unexpected end to the tour and incredibly sad as he was so young when he passed and in such a tragic way. It was covered in letters and gifts from fans. It was touching to see that s many years after his death he was still so loved! As we left we took pictures outside of the house two of the security ladies told me how much they loved what I was wearing and then asked me if it was 'one of those Kim Kardashian outfits'.Darn.

 Top-Thrifted, Kiapoi, New Zealand
Bag-Thrifted, Rangiora, New Zealand
Culottes- Thrifted, Little Rock, AR
Sandals- Thrifted, Denton, TX

We filled up our entire day with Graceland, so we had to head off straight after for the next day of adventures! My next post includes my second of the two accidental blogger meet ups during my trip!


  1. Oh Ayesha, all of your travelling pictures are making me green with jealousy! I'd love to visit Graceland someday. And indeed America for that matter, can't believe I've never been!

    On a slightly different note, love the culottes :)

    Sally x
    Louder Than Silence

  2. What a brilliant day out. So strange to step into a place time hasn't seemed to have touched.

    Lovely outfit, definitely wouldn't say Kim Kardashian! Do not fear ;)

    Looking forward to your next post! x

  3. What an earth is a Kim Kardashian outfit?? I really must be on the other side of the planet. Does she do clothes now?

    Thise looks amazing - I love that grand facade!

  4. these pictures are beautiful and I love the outfits, great post :)

  5. holy shit! ELVIS WAS IN THE BUILDING! You are the coolest girl...I've told all my girlfriends about your blog because we dream of one day taking a trip like this!

  6. you are so cute! if you ever make it out to california we should definitely go thrifting! i love those sandals. :)

  7. i'm so jealous of every part of your trip!
    it must of been so strange going to Graceland and everything being exactly the same, like going back in time :) x

  8. I love your outfit! Great pictures - Looks so fun!

    KF x

  9. First of all, thank you for your lovely comment!
    It means alot. Its kinda comforting to know I'm not the only one who does this. You look stunning with dark hair, its certainly your color!

    Anyways, I know this is super random, but in Elvis's kitchen photo on the counter is a little orange and white thermos can, I used to have that exact same one!! I left it in NYC (shame on me)
    You look amazing and I adore your outfit, trust me its far from anything Kardashian!!

  10. Hey if CHCH is only ok for thrifting then Wellington is nothing haha. You must go out of town to get your stock then right? I just find it hard not to keep everything :D

  11. This all looks incredible! All those photos inside are like a time warp. Graceland is definitely on my list of places I'd like to visit one day.

  12. Wow! Love it when people find all these great thing thrift shopping. My friend thrift shops all the time, and she has some of the greatest pieces!

  13. Thanks for your nice words, but really all I did was assemble it (ok I made the stars) but yeah!
    What crazy coincidences with you meeting those bloggers! So lucky.
    PS would you mind following me back? I've just started and I'd like to build up a little following :)

  14. looks like a fabulous trip! i am very jealous xx

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