Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cape Coat Kwassa Kwassa

 Cape Coat: Vintage, Thrifted
Bag:  Vintage, Thrifted
Tights: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage, Thrifted

I'm alive! I swear. I'm so sorry for my huge absence. My boyfriend Caleb usually takes all my photos for me on the blog and he has started a very demanding 7-6pm job. I have been run off my feet scouring shops for vintage for my store and keeping all up to date with that, leaving no time for the blog. I have decided to make sure that I update more though. I'm sure I will be able to find time, maybe less mindless TV watching in the evenings, so I can make this all a bit more interesting for you all!
Like I said I have been super busy with Trade Me, so a friend of a friends wedding on Friday was the perfect way to unwind..especially after a few too many free wines. I don't have any pictures (I always forget my camera), but if any surface I will be sure to share, it was amazing! 
These pictures are from last night. We were supposed to go to a big Classical event in the park, but I wussed out by being worried that it was going to start raining half way through and it would turn into a big mud pool. Instead we grabbed dinner in Christchurch city and had a wander around the town square. 
I don't know if everyone is aware, but there was a huge earthquake in Christchurch while I was in America. A lot of the beautiful historical buildings are getting torn down, but thankfully our symbol the Cathedral was strengthened before it happened. I wish we could have gone inside, it is such a beautiful place. You can climb right to the top and lookout. I haven't done it since a primary school trip, but I must try again!
I have been absolutely thrashing the life out of these loafers I found them for $2 and they are by far my favourite shoes. I have this terrible habit of walking completely strange and wearing down the sides of the heels in about 5 wears. I have already almost ruined the boots I am wearing in my last post. I think I need to go get orthopedic insoles or stop walking like a T-Rex .... The cape coat was from one of my favourite thrift stores. I had been searching for one ever since Rhiannon's post in New York (where I found out they existed!). I think I may now be nursing a sudden and unlikely obsession with tweed coats.

Oh before I forget, I made a Facebook page for my auctions I would love for you to join it here, even if you don't live in New Zealand!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Step In Time

Hat: Vintage, Thrifted
Jacket: Vintage, Thrifted
Dress: Vintage, In my shop!
Bag: Vintage, Thrifted
Boots: Vintage, Trade Me

There was a pair of boots that I bought when I first got into 90's clothes back in 2008 that were my absolute favourite. I wore them every single day, scuffing down the heels so far that I would be lopsided when I walked. I got them from a thrift store in my hometown. Eventually I of course ruined them completely and had to throw them out. 
Finally a pair, three years later popped up just last week on Trade Me and they were in my size! I don't think I have watched anything so closely and I got them for a steal too. They have been glued to my feet since. I could not be happier to be reunited with my favourite shoes and all the nostalgic memories they bring back. Especially when paired with a 50c acid wash denim jacket I got around the same time, but that's a different story!
We took these photos down the street at this lovely park in front of a huge beautiful home. I will show you that another time as the sun ruined all my pictures of it and it will look so much creepier in different weather. 
Thankfully we got there early enough this time so we could take photos before families came to take over the playground and sneak into the back of my photos. Caleb and I went to the mall after that for lunch, I lusted over a pair of clog sandals and then we went back home for my Trade Me duties.
I don't think I have mentioned my store on here before. It is on the New Zealand version of eBay called Trade Me and the dress I am wearing in this post (and now really want to keep) will be up tonight along with a bunch of other stuff you will have to pry from my stone cold hands, including my favourite high waisted 1960's swimsuit and the prettiest swiss dot ballerina dress. I plan to keep the tapestry bag for myself until guilt takes over and I list it. I have been looking for one forever and this is the perfect size!
Hello to all my new followers! I hit 200 the other day and couldn't believe it! Thank you so much for reading and I am trying my best to reply to all of your lovely comments. Also I got tagged by a few people to share some facts about me, but that will be in my next post I promise!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Secret Garden

Coat: Vintage 1960's, Thrifted
Dress: Vintage, Thrifted
Satchel: Vintage, Thrifted (a gift from Caleb)
Heels: Vintage 1960's, Thrifted 
Bow: Vintage, Thrifted

I got out of the house more than usual this week which is a nice change, but I'm exhausted now. On Sunday night I went to my dear friend Lydia's house in Ashley for a party she was hosting. Her house was so amazing. It was nestled in a forrest and she had the most darling vintage style swing hanging from a tree and also the biggest and scariest rope swing I have ever seen. We stayed awake until 4am drinking a little wine rolling down hills, spinning around in circles with her younger sister until we fell over and were covered in bruises. It was one of those nights you will never forget, where everything seemed magical, especially the early morning swim in a pool 15 or so of us snuck into.
The next morning, after two hours sleep I rushed over to my friend Camilla's house to go with two car loads of people to Hamner, a town about 3 hours away that has the best hot pools. We spent all day there, I ate far to many chips and got horribly sun burnt shoulders (it looks like I am constantly wearing a white singlet now).It was so lovely to be in the company of such entertaining people and I got to hang out with Camilla before she deserts me for Australia in a few days.
 Today I relaxed with Caleb, tried to have a sleep in then took these photos as it began to pour with rain. I am going to add a collar and lace hem to this dress soon (I cut it too short). It will soon remind me of one of the lovely TBA dresses I have been fawning over for months, but can not afford. The coat is another from my endless collection. It is the perfect 1960's little boy school coat that reminds me of Alexa Chung. It has a fur lined hood and tartan lining. It was love at first sight.
Before I head to bed I would like to thank all my new followers and old too for leaving the loveliest comments, thank you so much. Each and every one makes me blush.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear 2011

 Dress: Vintage, Thrifted (thanks to Caleb)
Shoes: Vintage, Thrifted

I took a few snaps before going out last night. It was almost nightfall and I'm so glad they didn't turn out too horribly. I have been so incredibly busy lately that I have been struggling to keep up with everything this blog included, I will try harder though. I haven't made any resolutions, I never do I have always had the mindset that if I don't like something I change it right away, that way an impatient person like me doesn't have to wait for results. I just hope for this coming year that I continue to live a happy life, filled with all the people and all the things I love. What more could I want than that?

Caleb was so sweet yesterday. He had a very long day and still didn't whine about me asking for this dress to be altered for me, he is much better at sewing than I am- hope he doesn't mind me saying that-. It was huge when I thrifted it, so he cut it short and took it in, in just a matter of minutes! Now I can proudly say it is one of most favourite dresses, If just for the collar alone!

I got my hair done too, It is much darker with thicker bangs, my never ending quest for Zooey Deschanel's hair is finally getting closer to what I want. Now if only I could magically make it grow long and elegantly tangled. Does anyone know how to make a blunt cut fringe not so blocky (bangs for the Americans reading) I often worry mine has a sort of lego hair quality about it.

Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years! Mine was quite short lived and I got to bed pretty early for me, like the wee nana I am sometimes. Happy 2011!!

P.S I would just like to introduce you all to my friends the hose and the potted plant (pictured) I hope they don't make regular appearances in the blog. I am a little confused as to why we have a hose anyway, our little courtyard is all concrete...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Forgotten Treasures

 Headband: Vintage, Thrifted
Dress: Vintage 1950s, Thrifted 
Shoes: Vintage, Thrifted

I can get a bit lazy sometimes with my sewing pile. Some dresses, like this one can sit there for about a year before I even decide to do anything with them. I had always adored the print, but the colour ended up not suiting me when I was blonde so it stayed at the bottom of my sewing basket for far too long. I am so glad I rediscovered it. As it turns out I somehow managed to not realise the fact it is actually a 1950's dress, the first one I have ever thrifted in New Zealand! 
I adore 50's dresses, they also happen to be the best on my body shape, that is at times a very unforgiving pear. This dress has such a wee upper half that I have to shallow breathe a little when I wear it, but for the life of me I just can't part with it! I discovered another hidden 50's dress this week from about a year ago too and managed to thrift two in America so I am currently in heaven!
I found the shoes on one of my many thrifting trips I go on during the week. I had been looking for a pair just like this as my twin pair got worn to death last year when the sole came off. I am so excited that they are black and not brown like my old lovelies too, something about black pointed toe shoes get me every time!
Thank you so much for all the comments, sorry I have been terrible at replying this week I had a crazy amount of work to get through. Every single one of them makes me smile and I really appreciate it!

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Royal Grandma Coat

Top & Belt: Vintage, Thrifted- New Zealand
Shorts & Jazz Flats:Vintage, Thrifted -Oklahoma
Coat- Vintage, Thrifted, New Zealand 
Headband: Random scrap of fabric

In some sort of cruel twist of fate I have been coming across my dream coats one after the other as we in New Zealand are heading into hot summer heat. I am such a big fan of fitting coats that look like the queen or a lovely old lady would wear. This is my blush coloured princess coat. It is my favourite so far.
I have not only thrifted this lovely masterpiece but also three perfect camel pea coats (one is a 60s juniors coat and has short arms, the sort that Alexa Chung wears), a perfect 60's look leopard fur number,  a 70's plaid burnt orange and brown coat with a huge hood and Orla Kiely/ Dear Creatures style shoulders, a tan and cream cape and about a billion more!
I am dreaming about fall weather as the outerwear I'm finding stacks up. I can't wait to be able to wear a new coat each day and be able to layer. I have had to put half of them in storage as my coat closet is overflowing. I know as soon as I get colder weather though I will dream about lazy summer days and those beautiful warm breezes. I'm fickle like that.
I love hazy under lit photos this is my attempt. I want the type that blur when you move. I know I haven't mastered it, but I think the colours always look so lovely like this. This lace slip top has been my everyday piece the last week it is so light and floaty. I am so drawn to romantic looks lately I kind of like how messy my hair is in these too, makes me think I should lay off the straightener for awhile and just let it go wild.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas In Summer

 Hat: Vintage, Thrifted
Dress: Vintage, Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage, Thrifted (free)

Yesterday my boyfriend Caleb surprised me by asking if I want my Christmas present now or later. Of course I picked now and lucky I did as I don't know how he planned to hide a beautiful vintage bike from me for more than 2 hours. It is the best present I have ever received and I am sure it stems from me going on and on about how much I adore vintage bikes.

Everything about it is perfect, not only is it the prettiest green colour, but it has the sweetest little bell. I wish I could record the sound it makes because it makes me smile every time. I always wanted a bike with a little wire carrier on the back too. I am hoping to thrift some saddle bags for it, or I may cave in and look online.

It was also such a thoughtful present as I am 21 and I am still to nervous and scared to drive. The one time I attempted ended in a battle between me and a fence and I can assure you the fence won. I freak out in the car often even though I am just the passenger, so being stuck between cars on the motorway in rush hour even in tiny little New Zealand is my worst nightmare. Oh goodness I have issues don't I?

We took the bike for a wee spin before we had to go out for the evening. I wish I could have found a prettier location, but we were in a hurry and I wanted photos! The shoes I am wearing I got for free from 'The Free Shop' (strangely enough). They are made of black suede, have a lace up front, winkle picker toe and a size too small, but I love them.  My dress is one of my all time favourite thrift finds (from New Zealand of course). It used to be two layers and down to the ground in scalloped netting, so I hacked the bottom off and it was the perfect length. I promise I will try an outfit post next time that isn't a dress, they are just so perfect.

p.s Hello to my new followers! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you are all too kind. To answer many of you yes I do get the Zooey Deschanel comparison a lot, even random strangers down the street. I'd never complain, I love her dearly!

p.p.s I started a tumblr and would love some friends!